Speed and Power in the Twentieth Century
History 237/337, Stanford University, Spring 2015, Winter 2016

Celebrity and the Making of French Identity
French 209, Stanford University, Spring 2016

From Baudelaire to Bardot: Art, Fashion, and Film in Modern France
Art History 171, Stanford University, Fall 2015

The Great War: WWI in Literature, Film, Art, and Memory
French 258 / History 231/331, Stanford University, Spring 2015, Fall 2015

The End of the World As They Knew It: Cultures, Cafés, and Crisis in Europe, 1880-1918
History 236/336, Stanford University, Winter 2015

Paris: The Making of a Modern Icon
French 227 / History 239/339 / Urban Studies 142, Stanford University, Winter 2015

Humanities + Design
DLCL 202, Stanford University, Spring 2014 (co-taught with Nicole Coleman and Giorgio Caviglia)

A History of Paris
History 187, Stanford Continuing Studies, Winter 2016

All images (except book cover) are drawn from postcards